Corporal Works of Mercy:  Give Drink to the Thirsty

Included with the food purchases we make from Feeding America and other sources are refreshing drinks, such as Gatorade, given to families along with food items from the Kitchen of Grace. Members of our staff have visited the workers in the fields on particularly hot days and distributed bottled water and Gatorade.

We also recognize the thirst people have to know Jesus and follow Him, and therefore work to facilitate the development of faith through various means:

  • We provide particularly meaningful holy cards, such as those depicting prayers and images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus as Servant, the Rosary, and the Holy Family;
  • Offers to pray for and with the families who visit us;
  • A prayer-request box and cards upon which visitors may write prayer intentions;
  • Information about the Catholic faith, the Works of Mercy, our covenant relationship with our patients, etc., on our Facebook page, through our Twitter account (@Catholicdoctor), and on our website (