Searching for a Local Nonprofit to Donate To?

Support our local charity to help migrant families in the Hartford, MI area

When you donate to a local charity, you help fund much-needed programs or services in your community. If you're searching for a nonprofit to donate to in the Hartford, MI area, consider supporting Holy Family Healthcare. We provide pediatric healthcare, clothing and food to migrant families in line with our Catholic values.

Your donation will be used to maintain our facilities and fund faith-based outreach programs like...

  • Bea's Closet - a monthly clothing drive
  • Kitchen of Grace - the largest food pantry in Van Buren County
  • César Chávez home program - a housing assistance program to help migrant families settle out
Eager to support a local nonprofit? To donate to Holy Family Healthcare online now, please visit the PayPal link on this page. We also accept cash and check donations.

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Other ways to support our Catholic ministry

Other ways to support our Catholic ministry

Our local charity relies on food and clothing donations to provide for needy families in the Hartford, MI area. We also need volunteers to pitch in. Contact us today to learn about the many ways to support Holy Family Healthcare.