Corporal Works of Mercy: Clothe the Naked - Bea's Closet

Clothe the Naked

Through Holy Family Healthcare's Closet of Beatitudes ("Bea's Closet"), we offer clothing to men, women, and children at no cost.

We have installed clothing-donation bins at St. Ann Parish in Augusta, St. Martin of Tours Parish in Vicksburg, and St. Mary Parish in Kalamazoo, and are notified by parish staff when the bins are full. Volunteers then pick up the clothing and take it to various storage locations until Bea's Closet is open.

Once a month, we hold a special event whereby the clothing is available and families come and choose what they need. Bea's Closet is "open" when we set up tents and tables, sort the clothing, and display it on hangars and/or tables and in large bins placed in rows for easy access.

Everyone is welcome! We publicize these events via social media, on our website, by general word-of-mouth, and through our volunteers' and patients' families. We ask only the recipient's family name and the number of family members in the household.