Healing from the loss of a loved one hinges upon forgiving that person for any transgressions to which he or she may have been complicit. We also have to forgive ourselves for any shortcomings in our relationship with the person who has died. We have discussions with people responsible for burying their dead to help lead them toward affording both others and themselves the mercy which God is so willing to bless us with if we only ask for it.

In a tangible way, we have assisted with making appropriate connections for those in need. One particular example includes a woman who was here with her children awaiting her husband's arrival from Florida. Sadly, he was killed in an accident before he was able to come to Michigan, and the wife had no family, no means of income, and no English language skills. Our Director of Outreach was able to learn the accident's details and help make arrangements for his burial through the local parish and other helpful individuals in Florida.